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Wetpinkladies | Naughty hot girls let themselves go for the camera. first just play with themselves and then they get pissed by the camera man.

25-09-2012 - Model Lena


Afer a long day of shopping Lena Cova is so excited she goes home and is showing the pink dress she bought. she wears it to seduce her friend. Then he arrives at home. She immediately starts sucking him. She begins to pee and soon she gets also pee to drink.


25-09-2012 - Model Zuzana


Zuzana is a hot blond vixen. She will charm you with her smile alone. You can enjoy her hot body. When she plays with herself she pisses freely in the room.


25-09-2012 - Model Olivia


Olivia is know as the queen of pee. Unfortunately there is no man around to please her. So at the end she decides to do it herself. She fingers herself to an orgasm and in the meantime she lets her pee flow


25-09-2012 - Model Renata


It is a very hot day in the city and Renata opens the window in her room. She is still alone but her friend will arrive soon. To warm herself up she puts her finger inside her pussy. And finally her friend arrives this is the moment she has been waiting for. Renata trows him on the bed and starts to suck.


25-09-2012 - Model Velvet


Back from a trip Velvet arrives at her appartment. She lies down on the bed and reads an erotic book. She gets turned on by this and fingers herself. Velvet takes out her dildo and she sits on top of it. She is riding up and down on it. And then she gets a cock to suck.


25-09-2012 - Model Eve


Take a good look at the naked body of Eve. After hot sex it is time to relax. Relax for Eve means golden shower. It is Eve who starts to pee, lots of pee is flowing out of her body. Then she opens her mouth to receive pee.


25-09-2012 - Model Tera


Here we have Tera again, she is posing with several scimpy outfits she has all for you. You can see her butt and pussy wide open. Tera also has a lovely smile . She also wants to receive a golden shower. She is taking pee in her mouth and on her face. Then she also starts to pee.


25-09-2012 - Model Janet


Janet is a hot blond with a curvy body. She has a round ass and firm legs. All that showing off in front of the camera makes her wanna pee. So she opens her legs so that you can see the pee flowing. The pee is flushing down, then it is time for her to get a golden shower. She gets peed several times on her face and it streams all the way down


25-09-2012 - Model Briana


Briana is writng in her diary and she drinks some wine. She drinks to much wine and she gets a little drunk. This makes her horny and wild. She starts fingering herself, her pussy is soaking wet. Briana has a beautiful slim body and a tight ass.


25-09-2012 - Model petra


After swimming Petra heads upstairs to relax on the couch. She takes of her clothes and bares it all. She strokes her body without any inhibition. She hides nothing from you so you can see everything. Then she heads for the shower and she takes a pee...



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